Tracey Baumann Master Coach

Tracey was Director of Coaching Services for Total Immersion Central, with responsibility for maintaining coaching standards all over the world.

Born and brought up in Zimbabwe, Tracey was a member of the swimming and diving club and part of her school team and, from those early years, always harboured a dream of becoming a swim coach.

After leaving Africa she moved to the UK and began her swim coaching career qualified at ASA Level 1 and then 2, and coached using these traditional methods for five years.  Tracey discovered Total Immersion 14 years ago and it completely transformed her own swimming style. She found a passion for passing on her experience to others and became a qualified TI Coach.  Since then she has been coaching full time in her state of the art TI Swim Studio and is one of only three TI Master Coaches in Europe.

Tracey coaches all over the world and had the great fortune of working very closely alongside Total Immersion Founder, Terry Laughlin.  She also runs regular One Day Workshops and  Open Water Swim Camps in the Mediterranean.  And was responsible for training many TI Coaches around the World and continues to run Coach Training Courses around the Globe.

Tracey has clients from all walks of life across a broad range of ability and age; national and county level swimmers, triathletes, open water swimmers, recreational and phobic swimmers.  She also coaches backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke as well as open water and endurance swimming. Please email SwimSolutionS to arrange a lesson with Tracey


Jackie Robson TI Level 2 Coach

Jackie has always loved swimming and spent her formative years as a club swimmer.  After a 15 year break, she discovered triathlon but was often found huffing and puffing after the swim leg until she was introduced to Total Immersion 6 years ago.  After a few sessions with Kim Kemp, she hopped out the river during Windsor Triathlon as fresh as a daisy and is now often found in a lake or a river (over the summer) and has enjoyed longer distance events such as the Bantham Swoosh and the Jubilee 10K. As a former karate instructor, the kaizen ethos of Total Immersion really appeals to Jackie.

Jackie became a Mum in 2018 and decided to finish her career in Customer Experience and Research to focus on her son and her passion for swimming. She completed her coaching apprenticeship with Tracey Baumann and loves passing on the skills of effortless swimming to all ages and abilities.

Tracey Bauman who is the number 1 TI coach in the country, has been both coach and mentor to Jackie, and has taken Jackie through the coaching apprenticeship.  As well as being a coach, Jackie is still coached as she truly believes in continuous improvement.

Pam Troughton TI Level 3 Coach

Pam is a full-time level 3 swim coach with experience of teaching a wide variety of swimmers. Club swimmers, Triathletes, open water, leisure, phobic adults and children.

Pam also has experience coaching all four strokes Pam has taught swimming since 2010 alongside her other passion for coaching martial arts for 26yrs. Following the path of continuous improvement, the ‘kaizen’ element of Total Immersion is a joy.

Pam has closely shadowed and taught alongside Tracey Baumann for the last two years. She has travelled to Korea, Spain and Greece on swim camps and coach training. Whilst not travelling Pam has her own swim studio in Yorkshire and Total Immersion is her main passion in life.

Kim Kemp TI Level 2 Coach

Kim has been with SwimSolutionS for almost 5 years and has worked with hundreds of clients of all ages and abilities, some having achieved incredible PB’s at IronMan level or having gone on to swim the length of Lake Windermere!  Her experience and results speak for themselves!

Kim was a keen junior club swimmer as a child. She came back to swimming after a career in banking and experienced the problems shared by many, exhaustion even from swimming short distances.

She quickly understood that the issue was not fitness related, but to do with her technique.  By mastering Total Immersion technique she went from struggling to swim more than a length, to enjoying swimming continuous swims of one or two hours.

Kim decide to pass on the skills to others and become a Total Immersion Coach. She served her apprenticeship under Tracey Baumann and qualified as TI Coach almost 5 years ago. She  coaches all ages and abilities in the Endless Pool in Egham.

Please email to book with Kim in Egham, Surrey

Steve Keating TI Level 1 Coach

He has had a long career in engineering and business administration.

The experience and expertise he has gained during that time allows him to now work part-time as a business consultant specialising in Business Process Design and Information flow.

Working part-time has allowed him to widen his career into Total Immersion Swim Coaching.

Steve has been a Total Immersion swimmer now for nearly ten years. In that time he has not only gained deep knowledge of TI technique but also of the practice and focus skills needed to turn that knowledge into efficient and enjoyable swimming. He loves to pass this knowledge and experience onto others.

Over the years Steve has taken part in many sports, in particular, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Triathlon, and Swimming. He has always been drawn to long distance events which he has mostly completed successfully if not quickly. He has always focussed on efficiency over strength to achieve these goals.

Swimming is now his main sport and pastime. Total Immersion Swimming is the ultimate expression of that search for efficiency.

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Julie Ward  TI Level 2 Coach

Julie has been swimming TI since 2012 from a background of very little swim experience. She developed a passion for swimming and found a love of open water and long distance swims with 10k being her favourite event. She now swims all year round in open water. She has also taken part in triathlons but now prefers to concentrate on swimming. The swim leg of triathlon used to be her fear but that changed with her learning and progress at SwimSolutionS.
Julie now loves to teach others to swim with confidence and grace and worked alongside Tracey Baumann as an apprentice coach. She believes that age is no barrier either young or old and that by focussing on the process the goal can and will be achieved, whether it be a race or simply swimming for health and enjoyment.

Phil Stocker  TI Level 2 Coach

Phil came to the world of swimming at a relatively late age. Although he had always splashed about in pools with his children as they grew up it wasn’t until he was in his early fifties (and with the prospect of a triathlon event looming), that he began to take the sport more seriously. He was instantly gripped by the realisation that success in swimming is less to do with age or even a particularly athletic physique and far more concerned with minute attention to detail and complete focus on technique.

Having grown up playing contact sports, particularly football and rugby, this calm almost cerebral approach, working with the elements, not against them, came as a complete revelation

He became fascinated by how the smallest of changes could lead to spectacular improvements almost without the swimmer being aware of how this happened. Thus he progressed from barely being able to complete a length of a 25m pool to complete a swim from the southern end to the northern tip of Lake Windermere, (some 11.5 miles) just four years later.

Since then, Phil has continued on his swimming journey and decided that the next logical step was to qualify as a coach and pass on the skills he has learned to a new generation of swimmers

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