Learn to move through the water with a smooth efficient stroke;Swim further and faster with less effort;swim smarter not harder with SwimSolutionS

We believe swimming is both an essential life skill and an unparalleled way to enjoy peak physical and mental health.


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Welcome to Swim Solutions

Come and join our highly experienced, professional and friendly coaches to take your swimming to places you never thought were possible. Whether you are looking to improve your swim times, improving your technique, learning to swim from scratch or need to swim for rehabilitation our coaches will be able to help .

SwimSolutions offer a range of training options, from in-depth one-to-one coaching using the most advanced stroke analysis technology, to Open Water Swimming Camps around the world for those looking for fun and adventure.

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Case Study: Actress Kelly Adams

Kelly Adams came to Swim Solutions having entered the London Triathlon unable to swim a length of front crawl. Total Immersion training completely changed the way she swam, and thought about swimming, and 9 months later Kelly finished the race in 2nd place for her age group.

“For me the most important aspect is the mindset. It’s not about doing, it’s about not doing. It’s about switching off your muscles, relaxing your mind, letting go the less effort you put in the easier it becomes.”

Why choose SwimSolutionS

We believe swimming is for life. A critical distinction between SwimSolutionS coaches and other programs is that we help you use your body intelligently and healthfully.

The focus on technique over strength and fitness means swimmers can train and make enourmous improvements regardless of age or physical conditon by working with the water rather than against it.

Ideal for anyone looking to improve their technique and enjoy swimming more, whether training for an event or just swimming for well-being and relaxation.
We will help you swim further, faster, and with less effort.


Tracey’s calmness and total confidence in me gave me the freedom to explore open water swimming which up to now has been a massive fear for me. Deep/ murky water swimming has always been out of the question and at 34, it looked like it always would be but yesterday I found myself swimming the length of a weedy kilometer lake with confidence and ease.

Kelly Adams (Actress)

Kim had my fear of having my face in water and relaxing with the water sorted in one lesson. I’ve not looked back since.  I’m in water at every opportunity. Kim most certainly has the knack of making a person feel at ease. Her enthusiasm for teaching, and the technique, is infectious and inspiring. I’ve enjoyed my first summer of truly enjoying being by the sea, and in the sea. Learning to relax in water has been life changing for me and I still look forward to taking the learning further.


I really enjoyed the session with Coach Julie. We covered so much ground and I regret not doing it years ago.  I am plugging away at the practice, the breath management is comning and I am experienmenting with the arms and the legs are automatically doing the right thing. My swims have now started to feel more like a full body workkout.

Thanks you for being so positive about my self taught swimming skills it was very encouraging. Your clear descriptive instruction was brilliant and memorable.

Corinne, breast stroker

I couldn’t swim at this pace for much more than 2km before and I’d be absolutely spent. After two lessons with Kim I got out the pool after 3.6km and I wasn’t even blowing!! Kim is a legend

Mike M, Triathlete

Training with Swim Solutions

Whether you are looking to improve your technique, target specific habits, improve event times, or just meet new people and have an adventure, Swim Solutions have a variety of training options to meet you needs and help you achieve your goals.

Swim studio

Dedicated training with a fully qualified Total Immersion coach.

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Group lessons

4 x 1.5 hour Endless Pool sessions. Groups of no more than 3 swimmers.

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Pool to Open Water

5.5 hours of intesive pool coaching plus 1 hour of open water coaching

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Competitive Swimmers

In-depth technique work for Club Swimmers of
all ages on a 1:1 basis.

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video analysis

Send us video of your stroke to be analysed using state of the art software.

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open water Swim camps

Meet new friends and have an adventure in amazing swimming locations.

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