Jackie Robson TI Level 2 Coach

Jackie has always loved swimming and spent her formative years as a club swimmer.  After a 15 year break, she discovered triathlon but was often found huffing and puffing after the swim leg until she was introduced to Total Immersion 6 years ago.  After a few sessions with Kim Kemp, she hopped out the river during Windsor Triathlon as fresh as a daisy and is now often found in a lake or a river and has enjoyed longer distance events such as the Bantham Swoosh and the Jubilee 10K. As a former karate instructor, the kaizen ethos of Total Immersion really appeals to Jackie.

Jackie became a Mum in 2018 and decided to finish her career in Customer Experience and Research to focus on her son and her passion for swimming. She completed her TI coaching apprenticeship with Tracey Baumann and loves passing on the skills of effortless swimming to all ages and abilities in the Endless Pool in Egham.

Kim Kemp TI Level 2 Coach

Kim has been with SwimSolutionS for almost 5 years and has worked with hundreds of clients of all ages and abilities, some having achieved incredible PB’s at IronMan level or having gone on to swim the length of Lake Windermere!  Her experience and results speak for themselves!

Kim was a keen junior club swimmer as a child. She came back to swimming after a career in banking and experienced the problems shared by many, exhaustion even from swimming short distances.

She quickly understood that the issue was not fitness related, but to do with her technique.  By mastering Total Immersion technique she went from struggling to swim more than a length, to enjoying swimming continuous swims of one or two hours.

Kim decide to pass on the skills to others and become a Total Immersion Coach. She served her apprenticeship under Tracey Baumann and qualified as TI Coach almost 5 years ago. She coaches all ages and abilities in the Endless Pool in Egham.

Julie Ward  Swim Mastery Advanced Coach

Julie developed a passion for swimming in her 50s and now swims all year round in open water. She has previously taken part in triathlons but now prefers to concentrate on swimming.
Julie  loves to teach others to swim with confidence using biomechanic principles to reduce risk of swim related injuries that are all too common. She worked alongside Tracey Baumann as an apprentice coach and has now qualified as an Advanced SwimMastery coach under Tracey’s expert guidance. Julie is also an STA level 2 Open Water coach, with added expertise in cold water swimming. She believes that age is no barrier either young or old and that by focussing on the process the goal can be achieved whether it be a race or simply swimming for health and enjoyment.

Pam Adams  Swim Mastery Advanced Coach

Pam has been a swim coach since 2010 and is an Advanced SwimMastery coach, having been a full-time TI Level 3 swim coach for four years. She enjoys teaching a wide variety of swimmers, from club swimmers, triathletes, open water, leisure, phobic adults and children. Pam also has experience coaching all four strokes.

Pam has closely shadowed and taught alongside Tracey Baumann for the last four years. She has travelled to Korea, Spain and Greece on swim camps and coach training.

Complimenting her swim coaching skills Pam is also an Anatamoy in Motion coach and an Oxygen Advantage coach.  Her other passion is coaching martial arts which she has done for for 26 years.