Blog – June 2020 – Interview with a Channel Swimmer

Interview with a Channel Swimmer: Stephen Maloney

Channel Swimmer Stephen Maloney,  took some time out to share his experiences with his Coach, our very own Kim Kemp, and fellow Total Immersion coaches Claire Sutton and Marianne Johnson.

While a self-proclaimed mid-life crisis might have triggered Steve’s journey to swim the Channel, he talks openly about his experiences, the importance of preparation, technique, training, acclimatisation, getting your feeds right and building up your distances to support your mental preparation as well as the physical.

Feeling inspired?

If you’re thinking of completing some challenging swims speak to your coach – you can’t underestimate the importance of technique!  Here are some other great resources that might help you on your journey:

British Long Distance Swimming Association

Provide advice and run a wide range of events with a clear progression path through the distances (both in fresh and salt water).

Dover Channel Training

An amazing group of like minded people who train together at the weekends in Dover and are also very welcoming to newbies and can provide an abundance of advice through experience.

There are two organisations that observe and authenticate Cross-Channel Swims:

CSPF    Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation

CSA    Channel Swimming Association