Pool to Open Water Coaching


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What is included

One 90 minute and four x 1 hour intensive coaching sessions in the Endless Pool leading to a one hour session in Open Water.

What you will learn

During the pool sessions you’ll develop the three foundation skills of effortless swimming that will help build your confidence for open water:

BALANCE AND STABILITY: Become weightless and relaxed in the water

STREAMLINING: Learn to push forwards through water by streamlining your body.

WHOLE BODY PROPULSION: Propel yourself forwards though the water using your core and channelling energy forwards using natural weight shifts.

The pool sessions include expert instruction including detailed video analysis.

The open water session will include a safety briefing and how to make risk assessments, an understanding of cold water immersion, what to wear (before, during and after), a swim with your coach and most importantly cake!


Who will benefit from these sessions?

  • Swimmers who want to improve their stroke
  • Pool swimmers who want to confidently venture in to open water
  • Self-coached swimmers who want expert assessment and advice.
  • Triathletes looking to improve their stroke, reduce their swim times and save energy.
  • Breast stroke swimmers who want to learn an effortless crawl


We recommend the course over a 6-12 week period with the open water session occuring from May to September.


SwimSolutionS swim studio in Wraysbury, nr Staines and the open water session in a local lake or the Jubilee River.



Email info@swimsolutions.co.uk with your preferred times/days for lessons